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1800+ New Items Added to the Item Adder

Written by Penian4 on August 14, 2013

Hello Penguins, I have just added loads of items to the item adder. There are now 350 non member items and 1400 member items. You don't need to re-download the item adder to get these items, the lists update automatically. Don't ask for me to add a item to the item adder, all the available items are already in...

CP Cheats One Million Hits Party Recording

Written by Penian4 on August 12, 2013

Hello Penguins, Yesterday, we had our one million hits party. It was awesome! Over a hundred penguins showed up, and the lodge attic was full. Like I said, I recording the entire party, and I hve uploaded it to YouTube. You can watch it below: Can you see yourself? And congratulations to Freddy123160 for winning the 1-month membership contest after the...

Club Penguin Item Adder Version 4.0.1 Released

Written by Penian4 on August 09, 2013

Hello Penguins, The newest version of the item adder, 4.0.1, has been released. This version includes item preview images, more non-member items, and some member items! The user interface has been updated as well. You can download the new version below: Click Here To Download the New Item Adder I worked really hard on this, so I really do hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment on...

My Penguin New Version 1.2 Coming Soon

Written by Penian4 on August 07, 2013

Hello Penguins, Polo Field has made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog announcing a new version of my penguin, version 1.2! He didn't reveal much information about it, but they say that the team is working hard. What cool surprises do you think the new version will have? Make sure to stay tuned till next week for more...

Club Penguin Star Wars Takeover 2013 Cheats

Written by Ben29682 on July 31, 2013

The Star Wars Takeover Party has started and it will end on August 8th. This party is very similar to the movie Star Wars and many features have been added. Penguins can dress up as their favourite Star Wars Characters and try to defeat Darth Herbert and the Empire. There is also new emotes, a Star Wars Catalog, and a new Star Wars mini-game. Below, here is the...

You Can Now Sign Up for Club Penguin Codes

Written by Penian4 on July 30, 2013

Hello Penguins, MhX and I have just completed the free Club Penguin codes system. You can create an account, get raffle tickets, and use those tickets to enter code contests. At the moment, there is only one contest available but more are coming soon. Here's a some information about how it works:  Every week, 3 raffle tickets are added to your account. You can use those...

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