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Free Membership Given Out EVERY DAY!

Written by Penian4 on March 12, 2014

Our accounts page has been updated and now gives out a membership daily, instead of every week. A new game called "Guess The Number" has also been added. To win the membership, you must play games, refer friends or win the lottery to get tickets. The user with the most tickets at the end of each day will win a 7-day membership. Your tickets will be reset every Friday, and and at...

Website Design Changes & Club Penguin News

Written by Penian4 on March 08, 2014

Hello Penguins, I have upgraded the website's design to a more modern and flat theme. Besides the look of the site, we are now going to be actively posting Club Penguin News & Updates. On the home page of the website, you will now see all posts, both site updates and Club Penguin news. If you would like to only see one category, you can use the three buttons on top of the...

Possibility of a Club Penguin Safe Chat App

Written by Penian4 on March 08, 2014

Hello Penguins, Spike hike posted a new tweet on Twitter today, asking our opinions on a new app.  Let's say theoretically we took Safe Chat from CP and made an app out of it. What would you want to do with it? — Spike Hike (@SpikeHikeCP) March 8, 2014 I don't think this app would do well at all, since there are already many apps made specifically for chatting....

Club Penguin Fair Ticket Adder Released

Written by Penian4 on February 21, 2014

Hello Penguins,

The Fair has arrived on Club Penguin! We have released our ticket adder, which will allow you to obtain thousands of tickets with a single click. You can then use those tickets to purchase prizes. 

Click here to go to the download page


What Do You Want to See on

Written by Penian4 on February 15, 2014

Hello Penguins, We're dedicated to providing the best cheats and programs for Club Penguin, but we need your help! Leave a comment containing suggestions for what we should make next. It can be anything: a new program, a Cloud Penguin add-in or even a a new page. Please keep in mind we can not create the following: Do not suggest: Membership Generator Follow Bot Rare Items...

Club Penguin Gary Tracker - Prehistoric Party

Written by Penian4 on January 27, 2014

Hello Penguins, Gary has arrived for the Prehistoric Party 2014. He is always changing locations so it can sometimes be difficult to find him. Here at, we have mascot trackers which will provide you with Gary's current server and room. Our tracker is automatic, and is the fastest and most accurate tracker to ever exist. If you want real-time updates of Gary's locations, you...

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