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Top 5 Most Useful Cloud Penguin Add-Ins

Written by Penian4 on January 25, 2015

CuP was created to enhance your experience on Club Penguin; however, it won't be much fun if you don't have the right add-ins. Here are our top 5 picks that can help you make the most of Cloud Penguin: 5. Anti Logoff by CPHax2 At number five we have an add-in by CPHax2. This one is called "Anti-Logoff". Using this add-in, you can avoid Club Penguin's default...

The Club Penguin Puffle Adder Is Back

Written by Penian4 on January 05, 2015

After doing some experimenting in the last few days, I have finally found a new method to add puffles. This means that the puffle adder is back in business! For those who don't know, this program can not only add regular puffles, it can also add old and obsolete puffles as well as the new puffles that are available through the Puffle Wild mobile app. Click Here For The Puffle Adder...

Holiday Meet-up and Membership Giveaway

Written by Penian4 on December 07, 2014

The meet-up is now over. If you were there, you will receieve a one-week membership on December 25th. To celebrate the holidays, we are going to be hosting a fun party and giveaway. There will be a meet-up, and dozens of memberships will be given away. Read further to find out where and where the meet-up is, and how to win a free membership. The Meet-up This isn't going to be just a...

Club Penguin Furniture Adder Released

Written by Penian4 on November 14, 2014

The online Furniture Adder is now available. It is very similiar to the old downloadable one, but it does have a couple new features. Here are the significant updates: No download  Add All button Select quantity (Up to 10) Click here for the Furniture Adder program In other news, you may have noticed we have been out of stock on memberships for quite a while. This is...

The Rare Item Adder Has Returned

Written by Penian4 on October 14, 2014

EDIT: The add all button is now enabled! Add every item that ever existed, in minutes. The rare item adder is back! Although this time, it is built-in to the regular item adder. For now, the add all button is disabled, but it will be added in the near future. Remember, adding rare items is always risky. Use this program under your own discretion. With that being said, enjoy using our rare item...

Club Penguin Puffle Adder Program Released

Written by Penian4 on October 07, 2014

EDIT: This program is now patched. Our latest program has just been released: The Puffle Adder. It has not been requested much, and that's probaby because most people think it's pointless. And I don't blame them; what's the reason to add puffles you can just buy from the pet shop? Well, this program can not only add regular puffles, it can also add dino puffles and...

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