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The Follow Bot is Now Available for Download!

Written by Penian4 on May 26, 2013

Hello Penguins, The follow bot is back! Click Here to download it. Make sure not to use your main penguin, it may get banned! In this new version, there are certain penguins who are blacklisted because they did not want their penguins being followed. That means you can't use the follow bot on them. If you're having trouble with the follow bot, refer to the instruction...

New Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy

Written by Polarbunny on May 25, 2013

Hello Penguins, Jet Pack Guy decides to give us all a warning about the dangerous winds on Club Penguin. He states that the wind in the air was so strong that it nearly pushed him out of the sky. Agents, I think you're better off on the ground for the time being! Message Reads: Warning all agents. Nearly crash landed when a strong wind knocked me off course....

The Follow Bot is Coming Back + Sensei Tracker

Written by Penian4 on May 23, 2013

Hello Penguins, I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the Follow Bot is coming back. MhX has made the decision and it will be returning on Sunday, May 26 at exactly 10:00am Penguin Time. This new follow bot is the same as the old one, but I will know in this version if someone is teasing other penguin. If I discover, the master penguin will be banned from...

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Snow Cheats 2013

Written by Dr Flopper on May 23, 2013

Hi penguins, Ninjas get ready, because you're needed to master the element of Snow! You can do so by accessing the Snow Dojo from the Dojo it self. There's a door at the right of the Dojo which is the entrance to the Snow Dojo, you'll need to waddle into the inside of it. This where it all begins. You'll then arrive to the Snow Dojo where you can play the...

Club Penguin Card Jitsu Party 2013 Full Guide

Written by Dr Flopper on May 23, 2013

Hi Penguins,   The Card-Jitsu Party 2013 is finally here! And of course has the cheats for you guys! So without further a do, lets begin. If you got the map you will see a Card Jitsu Snow Advertisement. This party is awesome and is way better than the one of last year since it contains some new rooms and of course new items, along to the release of Card-Jitsu...

Federflink1 & Loustik005 Meet-up Time

Written by Dr Flopper on May 21, 2013

Hi penguins, This Wednesday, both Federflink1 and Loustik005 who are a French and German Club Penguin bloggers, are going to have different meetups! Federflink1's meetup will be at 17:15 (5:15 PM) Central European Time. That’s 4:15 PM in the UK, 11:15 AM EST, and 8:15 AM PST. The meetup room is the Dojo, and the server is Lawine, a German server. But regarding...

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